Thursday, July 5, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom & All Its 60s Glory!

The other day I was treated to a movie ticket for Moonrise Kingdom. I went in with high expectations because, y'know, mention a story set in the 60s about lovesick kids running away together and I'm all over it. Why not throw Bill Murray in the mix as well? And even with my hopes as high as they were, I still managed to shake my head in awe throughout watching it. Not only did it have a brilliant script and some pretty memorable one-liners that have you laughing out loud, but also it had heart and a terrific ensemble cast.  The fashions, the soundtrack, the cinematography, the awkward yet adorable "intimate" scenes between Suzy and Sam... I loved it all.  And as if youth couldn't get any more glorified for me lately. What I wouldn't give to be twelve again!  Moonrise Kingdom is a must see for the summer.

1 comment:

  1. Honestly the best movie of the year, hands downnn. Suzy and Sam were too cute!