The Pulp Girls - Cailie and Brianna are the fairytale tour de force behind The Pulp Girls. The sisters wander the northeast, with secret bases in Connecticut and the streets of Brooklyn, New York. They are dream-catchers and magic peddlers, wild-at-heart spirits wandering the city streets at night, vintage flask in hand in search of elusive dreams and not-so-elusive parties. The Pulp Girls hold hold seances in empty buildings, try to make up the scariest stories at the campfire and spend their days adoring colorful things, flowers, tiny dogs, patterned fabrics, bubble tea, aliens, Japan, and old skool Americana. Cailie and Brianna are magical beings who will seal your soul in a photograph.

Crazy White Bitches are a 2-piece Girl Power Cult living in the most beautiful city in the world, Cape Town, South Africa, where they travel all over hunting for vintage and second-hand treasures. They love anything Mickey Mouse, cheesy, denim, animal-print, super 90’s, skimpy, floral, and fun. They are inspired by the nostalgia of growing up in the 90’s but not being too coherent for most of it, the plastic dreams and alien craze of the 2000’s, hot, dead celebrities, taking  nothing seriously, the internet, people who get fashion right, people who don’t take fashion seriously, hip-hop, Justin Bieber, huge shoes and crazy hair. All they want is for the world to dress better, and therefore be a happier place.

Alida Buffalo - After a lengthy love affair with all things vintage, Alida Buffalo was born in 2008. Created by Kit Scholley (freelance stylist), Alida Buffalo is an online Vintage Boutique, bringing you the most beautiful, glamorous and unique vintage clothes. AB personally hand-picks one off items from secret places all over the globe in order to find the best quality and most individual statement pieces for every occasion, whether you are after a daytime dress, party frock or amazing accessories. Not only does AB find our pieces from all around the world, we also ship to anywhere in the world. Alida Buffalo will be constantly adding new pieces to the online boutique! So make sure you stay in touch with Alida Buffalo with our regularly updated blogs, newsletters and fashion tips! 

Fashiongrunge.com started in 2008 in New York, NY and has evolved into more than just a blog, but a lifestyle. Keeping with the idea that the grunge subculture is less about glamour and more about the aspects of the lifestyle, they continue to add new dimensions of the grunge subculture that are becoming mainstream as an influence in fashion today. Blending both the trends of the early 90s and the inspiration of now, fashiongrunge aims to inspire those who aren’t ready to let the grunge culture go just yet.

NIN3 was created by Devon Leigh & Sideara St. Claire. It strives to make everyone feel confident and beautiful in their clothes. Both gals learned how to sew at a young age and began making their own creations. As more and more of their friends requested clothes, Sideara & Devon realized they needed to turn their dream of sharing into a reality...and with that, NIN3 was created. 9 comes after 8, the number representing infinity. 9 is the unspoken abyss that lies ahead of all of us, the undetermined future...so perfect! The girls recently launched their shop at http://www.shopNIN3.com. Items are released onto the site in triplets, and their quirky, attention-grabbing, easily-DIYed, graphic tops are worn incredibly differently by each person. NIN3 encourages their customers to embrace their individuality and work hard towards their dreams. 

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