Monday, November 18, 2013


Dear Readers, 

We have moved!  That's right, from here on out please find us at THEFABULOUSSTAINS.COMOur new site is bigger, better, and is going to contain lots of exciting new exclusive content! The Fabulous Stains is constantly expanding and growing, and to accommodate that, so is the site itself. We are so excited for everyone to be involved in the journey and to join us over at the new site!  Don't forget to change your bookmarks...see you there! 

xoxo, Jessi Jae Joplin and The Fabulous Stains family :)

Fab Stain Nicky Ottav Attends Lady Gaga's artRAVE

Hi Fab Stain readers! I recently attended Lady Gaga's artRAVE, her fantastically elaborate release party for her new album artPOP. It was seriously one of the most amazing parties I can say I've ever been to; the shindig came complete with gargantuan sculptures by artist Jeff Koons, free drinks sponsored by Jameson whiskey (Gaga's favorite liquor), and a host of New York's most influential artists and creators.  I joined two of my best friends and fellow club kids, Jarrett Edward and Zac Weiss of, and had an unforgettable night! I talked with Carmen Carrera her appearance Marco Marco's runway show at LAFW, saw photographers Inez & Vinoodh again and showed them my WIA video (they loved it!), talked outfits with my favorite clubkid  Ms Fitz, and saw Gaga perform some songs from her new album!

photo by Paul E. Alexander

Ms. Fitz, Nicky Ottav
Inez (Inez & Vinoodh) & Nicky Ottav
Nicky Ottav, Leo Gugu
Jarrett Edward, Nicky Ottav, Zac Weiss
Jarrett Edward, Carmen Carrera, Nicky Ottav

Thursday, November 14, 2013

European Music and Media Night feat Jessi Jae Joplin

Last month I traveled to Hamburg to perform with one of Germany's most awesome DJ's! Check out this fun snippet from the show here! 

Misha McKagan's Weekly Inspirations

Art, architecture and nature inspire me.

Fab Stains Jessi Jae Joplin & Bebe Zeva Attend Motel Rocks' Fashion Holiday Party

Yesterday, one of my ALL TIME favorite brands, Motel Rocks, hosted a super dope holiday party...and it was SUCH A BLAST! I went with my best friends Bebe Zeva, Madeline Pendleton and fellow Buzzmate Kerli!  We had so much fun dancing, taking polaroids and munching on delicious mini donuts! Plus, Motel Rocks is my go-to brand when finding an outfit for any event, so this was the perfect oppertunity to show off my newest ensemble from them - the Cherrypie Mesh Skater Dress in Silver Metallic Net!  This "super sexy dress combines a feminine silhouette with an ultra daring mesh body."  So basically, it was the perfect evening look...and I got so many compliments! Thanks Motel for a fabulous night! 

We Love: Humans of New York

HONY is a project made by Brandon Stanton and it's full of heartbreaking, interesting and also very inspiring stories.  For more click HERE, but first - let's take a look at some of our favorites!
 "Nobody wanted to come with me, so I came alone."
 "I'm looking for a little inspiration."
"What kind of inspiration?"
"I'm illustrating a book. The main character is a 'celebrated woman' in the town. And this woman seemed to fit that description to me."
"I'm learning to deal with negative feelings, like envy."
"What are you envious of?"
"Normal stuff. Women with more successful careers, things like that. I'm finding that if you try to resist your envy, it sticks around. But if you accept it as natural, and don't judge yourself, it will pass, like a cloud.
"I write in my journal everyday."
"Why's that?"
"So much happens in life, I think it's good to live it again and get some distance from it. Or else everything is in a muddle, like on a merry-go-round."
"The reward of painting for me is in the learning. That after all these millions of studies of flowers, trees, and lakes, I can finally pull the rabbit out of the hat."
"We go to the same church."
"I'm breaking out of my shell."
“I actually just got a role in the upcoming season of Boardwalk Empire.”
“Awesome, what’s your role?”
“I’m not really allowed to talk about that.”
“Do you get shot?”
“I can’t say.”
“You get shot.