The Fabulous Stains is a collective fashion Dear Diary of sartorial inspiration, both original and exclusive to the site, as well as coveted from other sources around the internet. Our inspiration and obsessions are collected and curated in our very own digital trapper-keeper, stickers and all.

Our vision is to capture the nostalgia and wistful aesthetics of the post-teenage, post-internet fashion and pop-culture minded young adults of today who experienced youth in the late 90's and early 00's.


Launched in 2011, The Fabulous Stains is the lovechild of best friends Jessi Jae Joplin and Bebe Zeva. Inspired by the iconic '80s punk-rock film 'Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains,' the site aims to inspire and empower youth through art, fashion and popular culture. A little crass, very driven, and totally unapologetic, The Fabulous Stains is first and foremost a community for the trendsetters and taste-makers who are currently shaping the future of fashion culture and influence.

Our site content is curated daily by our community of international style icons and taste-makers, each who bring their own distinct, edgy sartorial point of view in order to create a truly one-of-a-kind, personalized visual experience for our readers. Similarly, our Stains provide wardrobe styling and have curated a vintage shop collective featuring special one-of-a-kind pieces hand-picked and personally modeled. To our contributors, The Fabulous Stains is a way of life and a platform to share their inspirations, subcultures, and obsessions with the world.  

The current Stains roster includes: Jessi Jae Joplin (US), Bebe Zeva (US), Molly Soda (US), Laura Cherrygrove (Germany), Norelle Rheingold (Germany), Nick Ottaviano (US), Jana Babez (South Africa), Lucia Ribisi (US), Chelsea Rea (British Columbia), Misha McKagan (Czech Republic), Vell Sv (Czech Republic), Aileen Estrada (Quebec) and Violetta Ell and Suzie Grime (Germany).


Over-accessorizing; Kelly Bundy; Desperately Seeking Susan; Ghost World; David Bowie; Lisa Frank; glitter; candy, photo booths; Clarissa Explains It All; John Waters; pizza; late nights; Japanese street style; grunge 

Jessi Jessi Jae Joplin is best known for being the lead singer of the pop/rock band, The Ruckus. She has blown away audiences across Southern California, performing at legendary venues like The Viper Room, and has even traveled to Germany to perform at the European Music & Media Night. Jessi also directs, styles and produces her own music videos (featuring talented stars such as Columbia Records recording artist KREAYSHAWN, model/blogger Hanna Beth, Bebe Zeva, and actress Whitney Moore).

Jessi is also an active Fashion Stylist (most recently styling Island Def Jam recording artist, Kerli's, new music video "The Lucky Ones") and Journalist - contributing to sites like BUZZNET, E! Online, Audrey Kitching's Lazy Bones Vintage, and The Pulp Zine. She even has previous experience working alongside the Club Kid fashion designers of Heatherette and in the Fashion Editorial Department of JANE Magazine.

BebeBebe Zeva is a model, essayist, fashion blogger and writer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has been profiled by New York Times, Seventeen Magazine and Teen Vogue. She modeled for the brand I Am Carles associated with the Hipster Runoff blog. She is a regular contributor to the online journal Thought Catalog as well as StyleCaster and Technorazzi. A feature-length documentary about Zeva was released by MDMAfilms on March 20, 2011...and it's dope!

Molly SodaMolly Soda an artist, tumblr sensation (with over 9000 followers) and self proclaimed fashion witch from Chicago, IL who's been featured on one of our favorite websites Style Rookie (by Tavi Gevinson). She lives with her pet rat (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and is the creator and star of the online series Tween Dreams (a mini series about three 12 year old bffs growing up circa 2000-2001 who are just trying to DEAL)...She defines her personal clothing style as being that of an alien baby prostitute. Although 95% of what Molly owns comes from thrift stores, she also has a soft spot for high end fashion designers Meadham Kirchhoff and Jeremy Scott – stating that they consistently make clothing she is obsessed with. Her biggest inspiration is Baby Bop and when she grows up she aspires to be a professional .gif maker.

ViolettaVioletta Ell is an amazing blogger and photographer. Her fashion and style are truly inspiring. She spends most of her time thrifting at secondhand shops and also designs and alters her own clothing. Her favorite color is maroon and favorite shoes are a pair of Dr. Martens 1460 black boots. Violetta is always searching for new inspiration, but she currently is mostly inspired by 80's and 90's movies.

NorelleNorelle Rheingold hails from Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany (a beautiful city in the Black Forest next to Switzerland and France).  She is a fashion blogger, photographer, musician, passionate artist and performer. In addition, she creates images for tattoos, album covers and posters. Fashion is her passion; she loves it and she dreams of becoming an immortal fashion designer. Her blog is currently filled with vintage pieces, second hand clothes and her own creations! Norelle’s inspirations mostly come from movies and music videos from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. She also gets a lot of inspiration from art, photographs, series, comics and japanese street fashion. So cool!

Nick – Nick Ottaviano is a very special addition to our gang - not only because he is a pure visual genius, but because he's also our very first male member!  We here at The Fabulous Stains are constantly seeking equality, so we felt adding Nick to the team was an awesome idea! Nick is a student by day and club kid photographer by night...he may be better described as an alien from planet Hollywood who spends most of his time finding new inspiration on the streets of Los Angeles and in cyberspace. Nick has also been obsessed with 90s culture and style since he can remember - especially everything Nickelodeon. He does freelance photography and is currently working on a self–portrait series where he transforms himself into different characters (each one being part of his complete personality). We can't wait for him to share his incredible photoshoots, LA experiences, and party pics with you! So stay tuned...and while you're at it, make sure to check him out on Instagram!

Robyn The Bank, aka Robyn Troup, is a Houston-born singer/songwriter who is exceptionally gifted in fashion, art and awesomeness. For the 49th Grammy Awards show, Robyn won an online singing competition and performed two songs live with Justin Timberlake and T.I.  As a result, she appeared on Ellen, The Today Show, Extra, and many more. Robyn went on to work with Warner Bros and powerhouse producer Matt Serletic on a rock fusion project - Beverly Kills. She was featured on Carlos Santana’s cover of “Back In Black” with NAS, and on Rob Thomas’s chart topping smash, “Her Diamonds.” Robyn currently runs a fashion blog and has been modeling for local Los Angeles designers Curly Vee, Mamadoux, Young & Reckless, YRU Shoes, and The Cobra Snake. She also is featured in Jeffrey Campbell’s summer 2013 lookbook and is a contributing blogger/model for Steve Madden. Robyn is finalizing her debut album with Interscope Records for her new project “Cadillacs In Space,” which includes award winning songwriter Shy Carter, and Atlanta’s hip-hop legend Aleon Craft. This three part super-group is an eclectic mix of southern swag, old school funk, unforgettable melodies, and futuristic tones.  Her unbridled passion for the arts and personal style is unmatched as she continues to be a positive inspiration for young African-American girls who use Robyn’s confidence and sense of self-worth as an example for how they can live and love themselves. As a role model, Robyn takes her position very seriously and hopes to continue to spread her message of learning to love yourself and embrace uniqueness.

LauraLaura Cherrygrove is a tattoo artist from Berlin, Germany. She has tattoo’d so many amazing people who basically run Berlin (like Peaches and Nadja Sayej)! She also does a project called Chlorophorm TV with her best friend, is a member of an all girl band called The Bleached Mermaids, and even did a fashion spread with Bonnie Strange!  She really is a modern day Club Kid and defines her personal style like it was 1986 and she was a Mötley Crüe groupie and in a 90s kinderwhore band at the same time (lace, leather, garters, tattoos and platform stilettos)! She is inspired by the 80s, fabulous fashion spreads, and people who rock amazing hair colors. When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she responded: “I'll live fast and die young…”

Jana – Jana Babez is a Cape Town born African Photobooth princess. She studies fine art by day and bedazzles photographs armed with glitter and stickers by night.  Jana is a very obsessive girl and these crazes include Britney Spears, The Bell Jar, Valeria Lukyanova, bleach, My Little Pony, Barbie, Gossip Girl, The Spice Girls, Elvis and Ndebele print.  She runs a conceptual art blog with the crazy honeys Ané Strydom and Fabienne Troost that is a very serious joke. Other than being the newest Fab Stain, Jana continues to stay busy collaborating with babes all over the Internet on next level shit. 

Chelsea – Chelsea Rea is a model and blogger from Vancouver, B.C., Canada who describes herself as a thrift store junkie (she collects vintage stuffed animals/toys/games), pizza addict and future crazy cat lady (her awesome cats Pickle and Iggy are like her children). Her biggest inspirations are girls in bands (Be Your Own Pet, Bratmobile, The Muffs, The Velvet Underground). If she could befriend any famous person it would be Joan Jett and she dreams of one day going to Disneyland. She isn't sure what the future holds, but for now she's excited and busy getting ready for Halloween.

Aileen – Aileen Estrada is a modern day LOLITA living in Montreal, Canada, studying Creative Arts in college. The fashion style Aileen’s most comfortable in is grunge or colorful vintage pieces from the 80s and 90s. She is awed by the fashions back then - everyone just expressed themselves so much more through their physical appearance. She loves the trends and fads they had - everything was better, even (especially) the music. Occasionally she’ll dress really girly, frilly things and dresses, the works - but only at home, alone. When Aileen goes out, she'll throw on a band tee and her favorite shoes (creepers)…She enjoys shopping at thrift stores best because she can find something new every time she goes. There really isn't anything better. She also likes ogling at American Apparel as she walks by. Aileen is a lover of 80s and 90s movies and TV shows, the sound old records make, road trips, science fiction and school. When she “grows up,” she’d like to become a rockstar ideally. Other than that she’d really just love to travel and write a book.

Suzie Suzie Grime! Suzie  currently works as an independent stylist, photographer and social media ace.  She previously studied to be a fashion journalist (and all around fashionista) and also spends most of her free time frequenting a variety of thrift stores, flea markets and underground labels.  She is inspired by anything that was created between the 70s and 90s. Her mother, who is an artist herself, instilled high standards for aesthetics in her from a young age. Today it's exactly that trait she is taking advantage of in regards to her blog and different projects. Along with fashion she has a big passion for music: whether you are talking New Wave or Rap - her taste is versatile and in tune with her fashion style which displays a mix out of a variety of trash-, hip hop-, gothic-, grunge and Clubkid elements. She is everything but boring...

Misha – There’s no doubt you will be highly drawn to Misha McKagan due to her significant interest in cool things like Daria, Joan Jett and movies from the 80s! She describes herself as a poor student, living in Prague, Czech Republic, who is influenced by early 90s fashion with elements of rock and roll (her favorite band is Guns N' Roses).  In the future, she plans to travel around the USA and become a psychologist…but for now, Misha serves as a modern day Kelly Bundy...and simply one of the coolest girls you will ever meet!

Vell – Vell Sv would be accurately describe as a modern day Edie Sedgwick living in Prague; however, her style is all about how she feels that day - sometimes she wants to be a bad 80s kid, and other times she just want to feel like a good girl. Her favorite clothing stores are secondhands and favorite fashion designer is Vivienne Westwood (for her originality).  Vell is mostly inspired by the 80's and 90's, her favorite characters from the movies (like Amy from The Doom Generation), Edie Sedgwick, Agyness Deyn, and her favorite bloggers. When she’s not rockin’ out to 80’s rock bands, watching Leon: The Professional, reading novels by Chuck Palahniuk, or munching on sweets (like popcorn and nachos), she dreams of traveling to both London and America and becoming a theater actress. 



  1. Why all of you are so friggin' gorgeous?
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  5. A lot of your posts support the cultural appropriation in fashion. this is a trend i am not happy about. its disrespectful to a people to use symbols and articles which hold valuable spiritual and cultural significance, and use them just to appear hip or cute or cool or cultured. Or even not racist. Putting on a bendi, sari, kimono, microbraids, cornrows, cross, or hijab for the sake of fashion and trend setting is fetshizing a persons life; their culture and heritage. its rude. Please take this into consideration since you're aspiring to be a trendsetter. Be a trendsetter who is actually doing something good for this world, not training up insensitive narcissists.