Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meet the Newest Member of The Fabulous Stains: Suzie Grime ♡

We are constantly building our Fabulous Stains army, so we're very excited to introduce you to our newest member: Suzie Grime! Suzie  currently works as an independent stylist, photographer and social media ace.  She previously studied to be a fashion journalist (and all around fashionista) and also spends most of her free time frequenting a variety of thrift stores, flea markets and underground labels.  She is inspired by anything that was created between the 70s and 90s. Her mother, who is an artist herself, instilled high standards for aesthetics in her from a young age. Today it's exactly that trait she is taking advantage of in regards to her blog and different projects. Along with fashion she has a big passion for music: whether you are talking New Wave or Rap - her taste is versatile and in tune with her fashion style which displays a mix out of a variety of trash-, hip hop-, gothic-, grunge and Clubkid elements. She is everything but boring...and we are so excited for you to see what she has in store!