Monday, April 22, 2013

JUST A TASTE ☯ My Fav Photos So Far ☯

Hello Fabulous Stain readers! For my first post, I thought it would be great to show you a sample of my photography so you know what's in store for future posts! I have been photographing for the past two years and my artistic style is truly related to my fashion style. My photos are generally focused on color,  and feature models in bold poses. I photograph models who interest me and I try to manipulate the design of the photo, whether it be the set, makeup, or styling, to reflect that person. Hope you like what you see and look forward to more shoots! - Nick
alanna pearl [@alannapearl]
 rachel mclammy
natasha lillipore [@lillipore]
diane rosser [@bugoboo]
ilana kozlov [@bobsagetgrl1998]
ashleigh kim [@pinkbarf]
nar [@narfromla]
 chanel castaneda [@thechanel]
luna livingston [@retrosexualapparel]
lily manuel [@lilyhazel]
allison yang [@yellowallison]
palma wright [@hateboy2]
natasha lillipore [@lillipore]
matt spencer [@wolfdrawn]
alanna pearl [@alannapearl]
alees yvon [@egyptianlovher]