Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Another NEW Member of The Fabulous Stains: Nick Ottaviano ✩

Last week, I posted that we were looking for 3 additional people to round out The Fabulous Stains crew.  We were so happy to introduce you all to Jana Babez...and now, I'd like everyone to meet our second NEW member: Nick Ottaviano. Nick is a very special addition to our gang - not only because he is a pure visual genius, but because he's also our very first male member!  We here at The Fabulous Stains are constantly seeking equality, so we felt adding Nick to the team was an awesome idea!

Nick is a student by day and club kid photographer by night...he may be better described as an alien from planet Hollywood who spends most of his time finding new inspiration on the streets of Los Angeles and in cyberspace. Nick has also been obsessed with 90s culture and style since he can remember - especially everything Nickelodeon. He does freelance photography and is currently working on a self–portrait series where he transforms himself into different characters (each one being part of his complete personality). We can't wait for him to share his incredible photoshoots, LA experiences, and party pics with you! So stay tuned...and while you're at it, make sure to check him out on Instagram!  We love him!

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