Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WE LOVE: Melisa!

Melisa Minca, 22, student from Bratislava, studies in Edinburgh
a mermaid wannabe * hair dye addict



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  2. White people with bindis WHAT'S NEW casual racism sucks

  3. I fail to see how it's casual racism. Nor cultural appropriation. Rather: a nod to Asian culture; and a makeup accessory.

    Does an Asian person wearing blue jeans (just as an example) make them racist? I think not.

    We all live on the same planet, and unless someone is being rude or offensive to someone of another race BECAUSE OF THEIR RACE (intentionally or otherwise), they are not doing anything wrong. It's just a damn fashion accessory.

  4. Wearing a sacred thing specifically for the hindu religion on your forehead just to look cute is absolutely appropriative and racist. Are blue jeans sacred to American culture? No. White girls who pull this shit suck, and this blog is really lame promoting white beauty standards, AND promoting racism through your insensitive use of other culture's stuff. Way to go, this blog is shit.