Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fashion Interview Series: Mischel

 I hope you liked my first interview which I did last week because I came up with another one!!!
This time it's all about Mischel. My beautiful friend from Slovakia.

1) When did you start to draw and paint and who is your favorite artist?
M: Since i was a little child i really loved to draw. I think its all because of my mom, she painted wonderful pictures for me and it somehow inspired me.
From artist i like the work of Alfons Mucha, Gustav Klimt and from modern, there are too many i like, for example Stina Persson.

2) Many of your photos were taken by „vintage cameras“. What cameras do you own and which one is your favorite?
 M: I love them! In my camera family i have now Zenit, Flexaret, Semflex and Smena. Recently i take pictures with Zenit but i want to make more with Semflex too.

3) Do you prefer to wear skirts or pants?
M: Skirts <3

4) Your „,must-have“ for this month is…?
M: Sweater in red wine color, and violet ombre hair, can´t wait for it!

5) Your favorite song at the moment?
M: Right now: Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks (the music video is great too)

6) Your top 5 favorite blogs are...?
Misha McKagan
Sylvia von der Haupt
 Her work: