Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fashion Interview Series: FENDI

 This week I would like to introduced you to my super cool friend Fendi from Slovakia. She works as a hairstylist and her heart belongs to rock n' roll!! 

1) What era inspires you the most?
F: Probably I love the 70s and 80s hair metal the most. Simply because I love men and their long hair. In the 70s I adore big sunglasses, bell-bottoms and that "hippie feeling". In the 80s I adore leather with the "Judas Priest" style.

2) When did you start to listen rock music? And what was your first band you loved?
F: I started listening this kind of music before 5 years ago. But bassically I have been listening to rock since I was a little kid, because my father is a musician and he used to play it all day long. My favorite band is Led Zeppelin!

3) What do you like and hate about your work?
F: What I like the most about my work is a free time when I have a chance to read my books. But what I don't like is too many people because they're insane and listening to others crap is very exhausting.

4) Is there any other country you would like to live in and why?
F: I would love to live in Great Britain in London because of the surroundings where the best rock n' roll music was born. But I adore New York or Amsterdam too.

5) How many tattoos have you got? And which one is your favorite?
F: I have four tattoos but my favorite one is swallow holding a ribbon with a "rock n' roll" sing in it. (btw this is my first tattoo)

6) Would you rather meet Jimi Hendrix or Jim Morrison and what would you tell him ?
F: I would love to meet Jimi Hendrix. Because he influenced so many guitarists. He was very charismatic and talented artist. If I had an opportunity to ask him anything It would be.. if I can hug him and then I would give him a kiss.

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