Sunday, October 21, 2012

FASHION CAN NOT DIE: †Norelle Rheingold†

I'd like to introduce to you (for the millionth time) one of my most favorite gals ever: Norelle Rheingold. Not only is she a Fabulous Stain, my best friend and style inspiration, but she also serves as the head designer for our upcoming clothing collection (coming early 2013).  I can't think of anyone more appropriate for the position. Norelle embodies everything I LIVE for. And she has a pretty dope personal blog on top of that! Check it out. It's mainly filled with vintage pieces, second hand clothes and her own creations. It's my favorite thing on the internet.


  1. Norelle is definitely one rad chick!!! Big fan of her blog and this fabulous blog too! <3

  2. her hair is immense... i want it!

    also, the stickers you decorate the pictures with are GREAT

  3. I love her style