Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fab Stain Molly Soda's Top 10 ASOS Picks

Molly's Top 10 picks from ASOS:

I could see myself rolling out of bed and throwing this on every single day this winter. It's like a cheerful reminder that springtime is around the corner!
I think 'sexy robot' should be my next fashion phase. Going to wear this and pretend I'm from 2083.
Wait, now iI'm changing my mind, maybe my next look should be 'sexy robot cowgirl'.
I can't stop thinking about this beanie, it is so cute. I think I might have had a dream about it last night. It's like the grown-up but somehow sillier version of an animal hat.
The print on this skirt is so incredible, I feel like I'd put it on and instantly turn into a little forest sprite.
These are perfect. I love the way a garter belt with thigh highs looks but I hate actually wearing it out — I always feel like the thigh highs are pushing too tight on my legs and the garter belt is restricting my movement. Throwing out my garter belt and buying a pair of these instead.
Throw on this dress and you're instantly the hot babe version of Charlie Brown. Obviously I'm into it.
I imagine myself wearing this on some rich person's yacht in Maine drinking clam chowder out of a martini glass through a straw. ^.^!!
I'm all for a completely see-through ankle length dress. It's overtly sexy but still remains somewhat demure all at the same time.
Next level, wear jewels on your legs instead of your fingers.

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  1. i really like the see-through ankle dress! :)