Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Too Cool for School.

I am utterly in love with these edgy shots lensed by Nikolay Biryukov for the design school’s blog, 1 Granary. Stylist Olya Kurychcuk assembles a perfectly mixed, street ready wardrobe that elicits the coolest of attitudes on Laura O’Grady. Not to mention, the piercings are so dope!


  1. woah. these photos are so good. Luvin' the face piercings.

  2. That model is unhealthily skinny..what a twisted message for the brand to be sending to admirers of fashion and style

    1. I don't think this model necessarily looks unhealthily skinny; different people have different genetic body types, and this could easily be hers.

      That said, I would be really impressed if the Fabulous Stains (associated with people as forward thinking and body positive as Bebe Zeva!) would post more images that include different body types. It's some times frustrating to see so much of the same oppressive beauty standard, even on sites like yours that pride individuality and stand-out style. I know it's hard to find more body-diverse content in a media that reveres tall, skinny white women as the paradigm of beauty, probably even more so to find content that caters to your cool 90's pop/grunge aesthetic, but it's something to think about... Maybe you could seek something different out once in a while? :)

  3. Love these so fucking much!

  4. stunning photos, styling and photography!!!

    Hayley xx