Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Meet the Newest Member of The Fabulous Stains: Molly Soda

I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of The Fabulous Stains: the one and only Molly Soda. She is an artist, tumblr sensation (with over 9000 followers) and self proclaimed fashion witch from Chicago, IL. She has been featured on one of our favorite websites Style Rookie (by Tavi Gevinson) and is seriously one of the coolest chicks EVER! I mean, she lives with her pet rat (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and is the creator and star of the online series Tween Dreams (a mini series about three 12 year old bffs growing up circa 2000-2001 who are just trying to DEAL)...She defines her personal clothing style as being that of an alien baby prostitute. Although 95% of what she owns comes from thrift stores, she also has a soft spot for high end fashion designers Meadham Kirchhoff and Jeremy Scott – stating that they consistently make clothing she is obsessed with. Molly's biggest inspiration is Baby Bob (remember, from Barney?) and when she grows up she aspires to be a professional .gif maker!  We're so happy to have her join the Fab Stain family! 


  1. Wow she seems cool as fuck, I look forward to her posts.


  2. She looks so fucking cool- her hair and septum piercing and clothes, just woah! xxx

  3. Molly Soda is an inspiring dude.