Monday, April 23, 2012

♡ NEW CLOTHING FOR SALE: Stripes, Polka Dots & Prom Dresses ♡

Tulle Skirt This black tulle skirt is a staple item for anyone looking to expand the fairytale grunge department of their wardrobe. Features two layers of black tulle, cotton underskirt, and elasticized waist. Fits S
Polka Dot DressThis navy and beige sweetheart dress is decorated in polka dosts and adorned with navy ribbon for tying around the waist. Fits loosely around the chest and billows outward at the skirt. Fits S/M
Striped Sweater Top This oversize black and white piece is a cross between sweater and dress. Its zany, hypnotic stripes mermerize passersby and leave the likes of Willy Wonka proudly nodding their heads in approval. Small holes in fabric on front of shirt from repeated washing. Fits S/M/L/XL
Metallic Prom Dress This oversize 80s prom gown is weaved from metallic threads reminiscent of disco balls, tiaras, and David Bowie's glittering stage presence. Features long sleeves, subtle shoulder pads, and a layered asymmetrical skirt. Fits S/M/L


  1. I love all of this!!!

  2. Everything is so awesome, i'm so jealous of your style! and thumbs up for david bowey


  3. I wore gold, toning with and inspired by the earth tones in my husband's kilt.Black and White Prom Dresses