Sunday, April 15, 2012

dreams+desires of the day and the way she rolls

Dreams+Desires of the day
1. colored denim and/or leather short shorts
2. I've always dreamed of having a Rebecca Minkoff bag
3. platform converse
4. John Lennon Style sunglasses

The Way She Rolls
$1 of fun in my pink fairy princess dress.
this is me in the dress (blah blah blah)
 how i got here:
1. i grew up a princess as you might have heard before 
2. i love a good Jet Rag sunday $1 sale
3. today, students of Polytechic school were to wear pink in solidarity breast cancer patients
this beautiful little frock makes me feel kind of like the photo pictured below.
you might ask... how could a $1 dress make me feel like that?
this is the magic of the Los Angeles thrifting scene.
My three favorites are Jet Rag, the National Council of Jewish Women's thrift store (even though I'm a shiksa) and What Comes Around Goes Around (for special special special occasions).

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  1. Amazing! I have days where i feel like a fairy (or something equally as fabulous such as glitter unicorns vomiting rainbows) as well. love the gif! xx